Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mermaid Mirror

Mermaid mirror

I'd like to show you the project I worked on at the end of the summer: a mermaid mirror- or at least, that's what I call it!

The impetus for this project came from my youngest sister, Lorelei who when my husband and I went to Hawaii earlier this year, requested a "Hawaiian mirror" (I think It's so cute that she called it that!). Well, I looked and looked for such a mirror in every shop we visited, but with no luck.

When I came home from our vacation, I decided that I would make a mirror instead, and how perfect that it would be her birthday in September!


I was able to gather all of the materials I needed for about $20- not bad! I found the mirror at a thrift store for $2, most of the seashells at Treasures Antique Mall for about $13  (This mirror was featured on their blog! Click here to check it out), and the pearls and large fan shells at Hobby Lobby for about $5. 

Mid-project mess

I used hot glue to secure everything in this project (great, but messy stuff). I started by lining the inner rim of the mirror in tiny shells from a shell necklace, then I positioned the larger shells on the top and bottom, after which I covered the rest of the rim in the remaining shells. A T-square helped me center the larger shells. 


Since some of the shells were placed beyond the border edge on the bottom, I decided to make this a hanging mirror. My husband and I went to the hardware store to buy some hooks, wire and rubber bumpers to keep the frame away from the wall. Also, I covered the old speckled-gold mirror in cute polka dot washi tape- much better!

Shell detail

When it was all done I was very pleased with the way it turned out. Now to wrap it up and give it to Lorelei. Hope she likes it!

Happy birthday Lorelei!

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