Thursday, May 14, 2015

8 Ways to Maximize Your Small Living Space

Now that I've graduated from college, I do real-life designing for clients. Woohoo!

This particular client I'm working with at the moment has a small room in need of a conversation space for 4.

I've been drawing up plans of my ideas for this space as well as searching online for space saving ideas. I want to share the top tips I found that can help you maximize your small living spaces, or at least give you some great space-enhancing ideas to try. Enjoy!

1.  Mirrors Are Your Friend

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and visually increase the size of your space. See how the mirror above created depth and reflects light back into the room? I love the feel of this space.

2. Use a Floating Desk

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

Need a surface to work on? Try installing a floating desk. The lack of legs increases visual space since there is nothing in the way below. I love the simplicity here by sfgirlbybay.

3. Use Subtle Draperies or None at All

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

Heavy draperies can be rich and add luscious texture to a room. But in a small space you don't want to add too much weight. If you need some sort of a drapery, try sheer or light colored ones and drape from ceiling to floor to make your walls look longer. Another option is to simply go without and make the most of the view and natural light in the room.

4. Embrace Monochrome and Texture

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

A monochromatic pallet, especially a lighter one, can really open up a space. If you do go monochrome, try incorporating interesting textures such as the wallpaper used above to break up any monotony.

5. Stick to one color and keep it light

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

Using one color on walls and ceiling can create harmony and a lovely flow as in the room above. I would also like to point out the use of those beautiful horizontal planks. Not only are they dreamy, but they draw your eye in a horizontal direction, creating the illusion of wider walls.

6. Scale it Down

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

A small-scale room deserves small-scale furniture. When the proportions match up, the space feels appropriately utilized. IKEA is always a winner for finding small-scale furniture, but did you know that West Elm has a line of small-scale furniture as well? Check it out here.

7.  Use Architecture to Your Advantage

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

The designer of this room utilizes the window alcove to their advantage by placing a petite sofa inside it. This creates a custom-looking fit, and allows plenty of space to complete the conversation area in the rest of the room.

8. Make the Most of Vertical Space

madeleine mustard, interior design, small spaces

The owners of this compact cottage made the most of their vertical space by installing built-in bookshelves flanking a murphy bed. This is a great way to provide storage when space is limited and creates an interesting focal point in the room.

Got any other small-space-maximizing ideas? Share them in the comments below! 

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