Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lorelei's Rainbow Par-tay!

Rainbow piñata by Juliette

Today I'd like to showcase the talents of my clever sister Juliette Hansen. She played a huge role in putting together a rainbow party for our littlest sister, Lorelei who turns 8 next weekend. It was a fabulous party with lots of handmade rainbow themed decor including this rainbow piñata! Isn't it beautiful? I love the feminine flair added with the frilly layers of tissue paper. Click here to see the instructions she followed.

Rainbow cupcakes

Lots of our inspiration came from good ole Pinterest- love that website! And how awesome are these cupcakes? Juliette crafted them from frosting and Airhead Extremes strips. They were yummy too. 

Rainbow pinwheel

I loved this idea: handmade pinwheels stuck inside of a Jones soda bottle filled with Skittles. So whimsical! The pinwheels were made of four pieces of double-sided craft paper, craft sticks, and sewing pins. 

Refreshing drinks

The Capri Sun pouches got their own special bucket, decorated with bits of colorful string on the handles, and a "Taste the Rainbow" sign. 

Rainbow fruit platter

Yummy cupcake

We (but again, mostly Juliette) prepared lots of games as well. Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow (in lieu of Pin the Tail on the Donkey), a gold coin treasure hunt, pass the parcel (in rainbow-colored layers),  musical statues, and of course the rainbow piñata. 

Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow

Pretty prizes

Lorelei and her friends

The girls had lots of fun, and the adults had fun watching them have fun :) Don't they all look cute? Each of them dressed in pretty rainbow colors. 

Pretty presents

Lorelei with her lovely gifts

Fun party

We were lucky to get Juliette's friend, Natalia to help us set up and run the party! Many hands make light (and fun) work. You'll notice from the pic below that we had a bit of a windy day. Sticky tape and lots of helpers solved that problem!


It was fun helping Juliette throw a rainbow party for Lorelei. I am proud to call her my sis!

The amazing Juliette

And now for a few pictures of Lorelei frolicking in the grass with her rainbow balloons trailing behind her. 

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