I believe that home should be a place you love to be, and I am passionate about making that dream come to life. I offer interior design services that include both large and small-scale projects, new builds, remodels, and interior styling.

For questions, or to set up an appointment please contact me here.

1-Hour Consultation

I offer a complimentary first-time consultation to new clients. During a 1-hour consultation, you walk me through your home, and tell me about your needs and preferences for the space to be designed. As a stand-alone service, this does not include any formal designs, but may include brainstorming and ideas for how to improve the space. As part of the full service package, we will also discuss budget and project timeline.


This service is a great option for anyone who lives outside of Utah and is happy to work with me
remotely, or on a budget and willing to put in a bit of work themselves.

With an e-design project, you send me pictures and measurements of the rooms/s to be designed for reference, and for each space, I send you a furniture plan, design board, and shopping list so that you have all the tools you need to purchase and install the design on your own. BONUS if you send me photos of your fabulous new space!

Full Service Design 

This service is for those who are looking for design help from start to finish of their project whether it's one room or an entire home.

We'll meet together in your home for an initial consultation where I get to know you and get a good feel for your home. We'll discuss budget and timeline, and I'll take pictures and measurements for reference. Next I'll send you a quote and contract, and once both are signed and approved I get to work designing your dream space! Finally, my assistants and I will come to your home to install, accessorize, and bring your design to life.

Event Styling

Want to throw a gorgeous event, but don't have the time to decorate it yourself? I love a good party and what better way celebrate than with a gorgeous backdrop that will make you and your guests feel excited to party?!

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