Friday, April 17, 2015

Paris and London- A Quick Trip

Ah Paris and London. How I long to go back and visit! Geremy and I went on a quick trip last summer, and boy was it a tease of a trip! We took a direct flight from Salt Lake City to Paris (Delta Airlines) and stayed for a day. We then took the underground train to London (cool experience!) and stayed for a few days to visit family. Afterwards we flew back to Paris for one more day, and then took a direct flight home.

If you ever want to feel like a lady, you must try a few Ladurée macaroons with drinking chocolate on delicate powder blue and gold rimmed dishes with a dainty silver spoon. I could go back just for that lovely experience, but then I hear Ladurée has come to the US. 

Even if you just window shop, I highly recommend strolling along Bond Street in London- especially for fashion lovers. Along the way turn down the Royal Arcade and pop into Charbonnel et Walker to try the Queen's favorite chocolate! It's a beautiful alley way too. 

And the architecture in this old city is unbelievable. We were able to attend an organ recital in Westminster Abbey- so worth it!  Sadly, no inside photos were allowed though. 

In Paris we stayed in a charmingly beautiful old hotel called, L'Hotel in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Apparently Oscar Wilde spend his last days there.

As lovers of art, we checked out as many of the museums as we could. We loved Musée Rodin for all of its marvelous sculptures, particularly in the garden. Seeing "The Thinker" was a highlight. 

And as first timers in Paris, we had to see the Eiffel Towel. What a stunning icon! Next time we hope to dine inside the tour. 

Au revoir Paris, city of lights and love! Xx

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